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Tara Stermer and Axel, the 'Staffie Spokesdog'

For 28 years, I have been helping owners understand their canine companions by teaching them how to communicate through body language and pack behaviors. I teach owners to protect more than they correct, as a dog would do. I specialize in canine aggression. Through my research and rehabilitation programs, many dogs deemed dangerously aggressive and unadoptable have been able to live calm, happy lives with their owners. 

I started my career as a veterinary technician, where I quickly observed the lack of communication between human and dog.  This is when I decided to dedicate my life to helping humans understand their dogs.  I became known in New York as "the groomer that would groom any dog," and opened a thriving dog grooming/dog training business. For 13 years, local groomers, trainers, and veterinarians would refer dogs that no one wanted to handle. I have never turned a dog away because I believe, unless there is a medical reason, any dog can be rehabilitated with the right program.  My methods are based on how dogs communicate with each other by following their natural instincts, and, most importantly, keeping them in a "working-mind." My own pack includes 12 wonderful rescue dogs, all of which had serious aggression issues, and now are all "good citizens" that help us help other dogs resolve their issues.

I moved to Austin, Texas in 2007. I currently provide all stages of dog obedience classes, private sessions, aggression rehabilitation sessions, socialization classes, agility classes & treadmill training! Our mission is to help all rescues and owners live a calm, happy life with their dogs through education, understanding, and rehabilitation. I fight everyday for all dogs and try to educate as many people as possible through our community programs, work with area shelters, and seminars; in hopes that our research and experience may someday help the public understand our "misunderstood" dogs.

Check out our TDAWG page for more information about our working group for differently abled dogs.
 Deaf, Blind, Deaf & Blind dogs, tripods; come by, socialize and work your pups! In-home sessions available too. 

For more information or to enroll, contact us.
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